About Talia

Talia Cartall is a bilingual actor, writer, and director. 

Talia is a mover and a shaker;  a Texas born raconteur with an affinity for comedy, improv, drama and truth. 

Character work, collaboration, and story development are integral to her work so it comes as no surprise attending California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) was the perfect environment to expand her repertoire on stage, film, voice over, and as a writer.  She thrives as a comedienne and portrays dramatic roles with depth and precision. The ability to honestly connect and reveal truths that thread people, communities and humanity together is visible in her work. Coupling discipline and extensive training, her work spans from disciplined, experimental theatre (i.e. Grotowski) to absurdist sketch comedy. 

Her work is unique, bold, dynamic, attentive, quirky, witty, extravagant, gentle, crass, and always evolving. 

Talia currently resides in Atlanta, GA with her two rescue dogs Lilly and Lola - AKA the Potato and the Podengo.