About Talia

A mover and a shaker. A bilingual raconteur whose eccentrically elegant work likes to push boundaries.  

Transformation and character work are my niches and graduating from the renowned BFA Acting Program of California Institute of the Arts was the perfect environment to expand my repertoire on stage, camera, voice over,  and as a writer. I thrive as a comedienne and portray dramatic roles with depth and precision. The ability to honestly connect and reveal truths that thread people, communities and humanity together is my jam. Coupled with discipline and extensive training I'm a tour de force, baby.  My work is unique, bold, dynamic, attentive, weird, quirky, witty, extravagant, gentle, crass, and always evolving. 

I do what I do out of love. Love for humanity and the empowerment of females. Love for the insane and the dysfunctional. Love for noir nights and mercurial mornings. Overall love for God, Art, female empowerment,  stories, creation, humans, and staying persuasively compelling.